Friday, January 8, 2010

Review - The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine
Bree Despain
384 pgs.

My Thoughts
Grace Divine is in love with Daniel. Daniel, who disappeared after leaving her brother for dead. Daniel, who's name hasn't been mentioned by her family in three years. She knows he's dangerous and she shouldn't trust him. But she can't stop looking at him and thinking about him. She decides that, despite her brother Jude's warning, she should help him re-enroll in art class and she brings him food and clothes.

Soon, people turn up dead and Grace can't help but suspect Daniel. She tries to stay away from him. Then her dad gives her this book that changes everything she knew about Daniel and Jude. The more she learns, the more confused she becomes.

Although the Dark Divine was a fast read, I didn't find it particularly memorable. The characters seemed flat and I didn't get to know them well enough to decide if their actions were realistic. I could see how Grace might be attracted to Daniel, given her name and his cruel childhood but I didn't get a sense of anything that would make her thwart her family for him. Jude was also a mystery. He was portrayed as a good kid, almost too good, throughout the book until the very end. I couldn't see how he could make those choices in the end. The plot was a good idea, I just think it needed to be fleshed out more.

I can see a few students who might be interested in this book though with the werewolf and cute, bad guy aspect. I would give it 2 copies.

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  1. I didn't much like it myself. Like you I thought the characters were lacking. It could have been a much better story.


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