Monday, January 11, 2010

Review - The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove
Lauren Kate
245 pg (ARC)

My Summary
Natalie has come a long way to get to senior year in Palmetto. She's changed her looks and taken on a new background. Now all she has to do is win Palmetto Princess and she'll finally feel accepted. She has the perfect boyfriend and the best connections. There's only one person who can mess things up for her and that's Natalie herself.

My Thoughts
Betrayal starts out strong - I love Natalie's snarky voice. She's on the top and she knows it. She makes the rounds of the school, touching base with all the right groups ensuring that she and Mike will be Princess and Prince this year. We meet Justin (JB) while Natalie's on her rounds and we get the first hint that Natalie is not what we think.

As the story goes on though it morphs into more of the rich, high school soap antics type book we know so well. The way Natalie decides to callously cover up her mistake just bored me. The more I found out about her the less interested I was in her story.

I also felt there were too many pieces thrown in that weren't necessary to the story - Natalie's dad, Double D threatening Natalie, the whorish ways of the sophomore girls... I thought the ending was a copout also. What ever happened to Baxter and OP? Since a man can't change are we to assume Natalie couldn't change either?

For me, this book will only be purchased by request, so I give it 1 copy. I usually have a few students or teachers in mind when making a purchase and I couldn't think of any that might want to read this. But, I admit, these types of books are not my faves. I may have had a bias going here are some other reviews.

Steph Su Reads
The Frenetic Reader

ARC provided by Around The World Tours


  1. I enjoyed your review (loved the use of snarky) also really like your rating system. Although not a librarian (teacher)I have a close working and personal relationship with my school librarian (we started and area wide book battle several years ago). Since I have been tripping through the book blogoshere I am happy I came across your site. Hope you stop by and visit mine. I will be back.

  2. I may have to try it though I'm getting a Cruel Intentions vibe. Great review.

  3. Hi, I stopped by to thank you for posting a comment on my Book Battle blog. Originally, the site was part of a school centered web site, but it had too many funky constraints, so I to decided include it in my book blog. I am actually hoping that other librarians and teacher will visit and take up the book battle gauntlet. It is a great way to encourage reading in the middle school. Thanks again.

  4. Hm. Really? I've put this book on my TBR list... Maybe you think I shouldn't?


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