Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Tour - Hollywood is Like High School with Money by Zoey Dean

Hollywood is Like High School With Money
Zoey Dean
Grand Central Publishing
278 pg (ARC)
Release - July 23, 2009

Taylor moves to LA to pursue her dream of making movies. She gets a job at a major studio and waits for her opportunity to move up in the ranks. While waiting she writes to her idol, a director who fell off the face of the earth because he didn't like the Hollywood politics. In the meantime, Taylor's immediate boss, Kylie, tries to keep her in her rightful place - assistant to the assistant, while Kylie sleeps her way to the top.

This book reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger except more focus on the assistant relationships instead of the boss. In my head I used the characters from the movie as I was reading. I'm not a fan of Zoey Dean's Talent series, it read too much like another series I don't like, the Clique series. So I was prepared to dislike this book. Imagine my surprise when I found myself entertained and captivated by this book. Taylor gets her Boss' daughter, Quinn, to help her get back at Kylie. Perfect - many teenaged girls know how to put the snark in any type of relationship. Now, the book gets predictable - you know the story - girl gets ahead by stepping on others, others step back on her and she gets behind, she suffers a little, everything is magically turned around and she still gets the guy. That said, it was still an enjoyable read. I recommend it to teens who enjoy Dean's other books or anyone looking for a light beach read. Also, I recommend it to those in a reading slump - it helps to read something you're not used to reading.

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