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Review - Game on! Diet by Krista Vernoff and AZ Ferguson

GameOn Diet Readin'
The Game on! Diet
Krista Vernoff and AZ Ferguson

A new way to get healthy for those of us who love a little competition! As I mentioned in my Friday Five, June 26, I heard about this through The Book Club Girl. I read most of the book online and am waiting for the print version to be released. You and your team members earn points each day. The most you can earn is 100 pts.

The Good - earning points daily for:

  • Eating - 5 meals

  • Exercising - 20 min

  • Sleeping - 7 hrs

  • Drinking - 3 ltrs water

  • Dropping a bad habit

  • Adding a good habit

  • Talking to ur friends(and enemies!)

The Bad - losing points daily for:

  • Weighing yourself - more than once

  • Snacking - in between meals

  • Trickstering - with the enemy

  • Drinking - alcohol that is!

  • Changing your dropped/added habits

The Pretty - cool stuff:

  • You get a day off!

  • You get a meal off!

  • You can get a 100 cal bonus!

  • Focuses more on being healthy than losing weight!

  • If you do lose at least 1% of your weight per week - you get bonus pts!

  • It's only four weeks!
There are 3 teams playing this game for the next four weeks. Most of them are book bloggers!! If you want to follow our conversations look for the #gameondiet hashtag at Twitter!

The Ho-hos
Gung Ho-ho (that's me) - @thebrainlair
The Starr Ho-ho
Bros b4 Ho-ho
The Dirty Ho-ho
Vasilly - 1330V Blog

The Twinkies

Dawn – She is Too Fond of Books
Jenners – Find Your Next Book Here
Jenn – Jenn’s Bookshelf
Candace – Beth Fish Reads
Denise – M. Denise C.

The Ding Dongs

Tina – Book Chatter and Other Stuff
Amy – My Friend Amy
Jill/Softdrink – Fizzy Thoughts
Jill – Rhapsody in Books
Julie - Booking Mama

My team, the Ho-hos, are mostly friends from Facebook so I will be chronicling our trials over on The Brainlair's Facebook page. I will post my challenges and victories on there and will include a wrap-up here.

My new habit will be decluttering my house in order to have a graduation party for myself! I get my Master's in Library Science (MLS) in August complete with a School Media Specialist certification. This will allow me to keep my current job (yay!) as well as qualify me for some public library positions (double yay!). My dropped habit will be using technology after 9pm. I use the computer for school, work, blogging, twittering, facebooking, etc! It has become way too important!! So, I really need to cut out some time!

I really enjoyed the portions of this book that I had a chance to read. The authors sound like friends of mine instead of "experts". The book included excerpts from others who've played the game as well as emails from past games the author has played. I found I hated reading online though. The font size wasn't adjustable and the print was very light. It did help us to get a jump start on the game though, since the book doesn't officially release until June 30th. You can no longer look inside the book but you can read an excerpt on The Maplewood Boot Camp blog. They've included a video from the authors as well as a score sheet and a menu for the first week.

I can't wait to receive this book and really start the contest in earnest. I recommend it whether you want to lose weight or just get back to healthier eating. It also helps you examine your values and actions when determining your habits to drop/add. What are you doing that interferes with the values you set for yourself and your family? Plus, I can still drink coffee!


  1. Here we go! I think this is going to be a lot of fun! Go Ding Dongs!

  2. Good luck! What fun! I wish I would have known about this one!

  3. Thanks for sharing that review. That books looks really effective and helpful.

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe


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