Thursday, May 28, 2009

What My Daughter is Reading - May 28

What Your Children Are Reading was just initiated by The Well-Read Child. She has the Mr. Linky if you want to sign up! The cool thing about this is you set the parameters!

Here's To You, Rachel Robinson
Judy Blume
Laurel Leaf

I'm going to do this every week with the hopes that my daughter will eventually start posting it herself!!

She re-read Are You There God?, It's Me Margaret last month and just read Deenie three days ago. She went on to Judy Blume's website to find all the middle grades and YA books that Judy has written!! She presented me with a typed list of all the Judy Blume books she needed me to get so that she can read them!! I remember reading these when I was her age...but what shall I do about Forever? What I tell other parents, read with her and open the lines of communication! It's going to be a great summer!


  1. Thanks for sharing your link! That's so awesome that your daughter is so into an author, and the amazing thing about Judy Blume is that her writing appeals to kids from so many different generations. I remember reading Forever when I was middle school (yes, middle school), and it felt so scandalous, but I felt all grown up.

  2. That's a good idea, if she keeps it going I'd consider participating during next school year. My son's curriculum has some really great classic reads!

  3. Oh I loved Here's To You Rachel Robinson as a teen. In fact I still have it! I think it is so wonderful that there are timeless books out there that get passed down from mother to daughter and so on.

  4. I loved that book when I was younger. Judy Blume is my hero!

  5. KB,
    My daughter read Forever. We talked openly about it. She liked it and laughed at the dated references. Actually, I'm more frank than she is. I find today's music more disturbing than Blume's book. I think my girls get that while I'm very open to talking about sex and sexuality, I also don't think a teen is mature enough to be sexually active. But I know they do and I talk about birth control, safe practices and emotions enough that my girls know the drill. She also read The Making of Dr. Truelove and this weekend she told me liked it. Said it was funny. Didn't get a chance to talk more about it. She's reading So Not The Drama by Paula Chase Hyman. She also has but has not read Paula's Don't Get It Twisted.

  6. I haven't read any Judy Blume. It was so expected of me as a girl when I was a kid that I completely rebelled and refused to read any of her books. My list of picture books is here.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed Judy Blume's books when I was a kid. What girl of my generation didn't? :-)

  8. I loved Judy Blume when I was growing up. Happy reading you two.


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