Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Five - May 15

Yes, I know it's not Friday! It's been a long week with work, internship, classes, homework... I'm having to re-arrange my schedule so that the things I enjoy doing aren't left off - sorta makes me cranky!! Check out Sarah Dessen's Friday Five, here!

1. School - I am so glad that you can change classes! I'm down to my last three classes before my MLS is done! Wo0t! I took a Youth Lit class because that sounds freaking awesome but the work load is too impossible right now! I'm not one to shy away from reading but dang! So I switched to Youth Svs - which will make me more flexible if ever I need to find a new job that's not my dream job! I did get a chance to get the class reading list though and can add some to my TBR pile!!

2. Freezer pops - I bought a container of those at the grocers and now I can have a treat without feeling guilty! I satisfy my sugar craving, quench my thirst, and my lips have a little color! How cool is that! (image from flckr)

3. Audiobooks - just finished listening to Left Behind and, even though it was read by the author, it was really good! With all the busy-ness of last week, it was nice to read something! My reading's been out of wack for weeks now!

4. @awaitinserenity - Drea sent me that cool picture of a bookstore. My dream job is running a teen bookstore/hangout type place. It would feature MG/YA books and MG/YA author visits. Have a section for book groups to meet. Coffee shop. Gaming area. Open later and stay open late. Passionate, knowledgeable employees. Comfy areas. Subdued colors. Displays to get you talking. Downloadable books, movies, music section. Customer rewards. Skype room? What would you want in a bookstore for teens?

5. gmail - I've been using gmail (teach46530 AT gmail DOT com) a lot lately and I love it. You can easily follow an email conversation because each message is there with dates. It has a cool chat function and they just added video. It integrates nicely with iGoogle (love that also!).


  1. aw, thanks for putting me in your friday five! That shop just SCREAMED you :)

  2. I'm going to connect with you on that gmail as I think we have something in common!

  3. OH MAN..I have an intense craving for Popsicles now! No fair :-D

  4. I love your top five. I just bought a ton of freezer pops too. They're five minutes of happiness.

  5. That bookstore sounds amazing! I'd love to run a place just like that. I have wanted my own bookstore since watching You've Got Mail, actually, lol. But I'd never be able to pull it off on my own. Way too A.D.D. for that.

    I like reading your Friday Five posts.

  6. I have a gmail account and never use it. I should revisit based on your post.Thanks.


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