Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blog Award!

Addicted Reader gave me the Kreative Blogger Award!

*Post 7 things you love
*Give award to 7 other bloggers who are creative.

7 things I love:
1. Reading and discussing books

2. My Darling Daughter

3. Middle School students


5. Movies

6. Music - obsessed with OneRepublic and The Fray right now

7. Twitter

I only have time to give this to 3 but, believe me, there are many more that deserve this award! Remember - you define kreative!

1. Epic Rat
2. Prophecy Girl (Wondrous Reads)
3. Doret (Happy Nappy Bookseller)

This will move to my footer until I get my blog re-designed!


  1. Thanks so much KB. BTW I love the new look. And let me know what you think of Being Nikki after you read it.

  2. Congratulations KB!

    And I agree with Doret as one of your choices. Welcome to Sunday Salon. How are liking it?

  3. Congratulations on your book award.

    I've also been enjoying The Fray lately.


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