Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five

I'm not sure who started this meme but I saw here and liked the sound of it. Cheryl Herbsman is the author of Breathing, which comes out April 16th. Our 7/8 Non-Fiction teacher does a Friday Five also. The students write down and talk about their five favorite what have yous. Mine will just be five things I'm thinking about!

1. City of Glass - bought this and almost done with it. We have the other two at school and I will definitely have to purchase this. A few twists and turns and some predictability too. I have about 40 pages left.

2. Rock Band - played this once. It's FUN! Look forward to not being the only grown up playing tonight, hopefully! :)

3. Spring Break - best thing about April! Perks of working in a school. Really need it right now.

4. @Bizarrobama - FUNNY STUFF. Follow him on twitter!

5. Old Books - what do you do with yours? I've tried sending them to Powell's - still waiting to see if they received the books. Tried Bookmooch - takes too long and too much work going to and from the post office. Plus, no one seems to have the books I want!! Should I just give them away? Really trying to cut down on buying books but not sure I can. Patience is lacking.

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  1. I am trying to figure out what to do with my old books too, esp. the ARCs. I'd love to swap them, but I live in Europe so that's impractical.


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