Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review - In Mike We Trust by P.E. Ryan

In Mike We Trust
by P.E. Ryan
ARC from HarperTeen FirstLook via twitter

Garth and his mother are trying to get on with their lives. Garth works at a job he hates and they live in a rundown apartment that his mom has to work two jobs just to keep!! All of this because Garth's mom was left with so much debt, they are having a hard time making ends meet.

In a stroke of luck, a knock on the door announces that Uncle Mike is in town. Mike is Garth's dad free-wheeling, snazzy dressing, ne'er do well twin brother. Uncle Mike never seems to have a job but always seems to have money. He's going to help Garth and his mom leave their troubles behind and get on with their lives.

Mike convinces Garth that in order to get the life he wants, he has to make some changes. They need to look beyond the normal, everyday existence. Work beyond the corner grocery store.

Mike introduces Garth to a whole new way of living. Garth can talk to Mike in a way he can't talk to his mother or his best friend, Lisa. Garth's only concern are some of the "jobs" he and Mike undertake. Garth becomes someone he doesn't recognize anymore, and he's not sure if he likes it.

In Mike We Trust speaks right into the space of who you think you are and who you want to be. The crazy things you do and the hope, that yes, this time, this thing, will work. Although it took Garth an awfully long time, he eventually figures out what he wants and who he is and who to trust.

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