Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Book Reading Goals - Part 1

I have two or three places where I keep track of books I want to read: My Amazon cart, a cute little journal that a friend gave me, and whatever notebook I'm using at the time I stumble across an interesting title or synopsis.

Today I tripped onto PJ Hoover's blog and she has a goal of 50 books this year and a list of some she wants to read. They cross genres and age groups.

As part of the Year of Me, I'm going to start listing my books in one spot - my cute little journal. I will start traveling with it, like I do books I'm currently reading. Then I can peruse my master list when I'm looking for a new read!!! So, without further ado, I am now going to make sure that my 73 item cart matches with the little book.

My next goal would be to take a tip from Emily Reads and link to the books after I read and review them.


  1. Good luck with the reading and with the 30 Day Challenge!

  2. Yay for the reading challenge! I love having reading as a goal for the new year!


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