Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Focus

Hmm...I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, mostly ones that focus on reviewing books. My hope has been to learn how to review books in order to do them better because I'm not very good at it. I wanted YA book reviews to be my focus. This would be a great fit with the job I have now.

But that's not the job I want. I want to be a book buyer/seller. Ultimately, I want to own a teen-centered bookstore hangout. I would be in charge of the buying and promoting the books. I enjoy matching people with books.

My favorite sentence starters are "Ooh, you need to read..." or "OMG, hang on, I have just the book for you...". I actually keep books in my office, waiting for the perfect student to come along so that I can get the joy of giving it to them.

My next favorite thing is discussing books with people, even if we disagree! I just get so jazzed up! Of course, if I gave you the book and you loved it...Oh.My.Word. so freakin' sweet!

How do I work that into a blog? I work full-time. I have 3 more classes to take. I will be running three book clubs. I have to find an internship. Can you have a blog without readers? How do people get readers?

Many questions to ask myself...stay tuned.


  1. Sounds like such amazing goals! Keep blogging about what you love and the readers will follow.

  2. How to get readers? Write me. Let's chat. I'm new to blogging but I know a little something about building online communities. I'm glad we connected and I hope you see this post.


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