Monday, June 23, 2008

Airhead by Meg Cabot

Let me just start this by saying I am NOT a Meg Cabot fan. So I went into this with a bias – but hoping that I would be proved wrong.

Emerson Watts is a “feminist” – she doesn’t dress like a girl, she doesn’t wear makeup and she plays video games every chance she gets.

Nikki Howard is a “model” – she’s tall, skinny, and not very bright. She is loved by every guy who sees her.

Nikki is the new face of Stark Enterprises and everything Emerson sees as what’s wrong with society.

Emerson has to take her younger sister Frida – a Nikki Howard fan – to a grand opening ceremony of a new Stark Enterprises megastore. They are there to see Stark;s new singer, Gabriel Luna but they see Nikki walking through the store. Frida chases after Nikki to get her autograph and almost has a television fall on her head. The only thing that saves her – is Emerson.
When Emerson comes to, she finds out that her brain has been transplanted into Nikki Howard’s body.
*****END SPOILER*****

Looks vs. Brains? Can you have both? Does our society put a premium on what’s on the outside or what’s on the inside?

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  1. What not a Meg Cabot fan, thats crazy talk. How about 1 strike and a foul tip.


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