Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miss Understanding

Much better day on the Bloglines front. I was able to add a two feeds with a minimum of effort! I read the feeds from LisNews, LII, and LisCareer. I found two great articles on paying for Grad School on LisCareer. The LII site had a great link to On LisNews there was a link to a talk with Beverly Cleary on
Paying for Grad School by Chrissie Peters was written for the Feb. 2007 issue. Christie talked about various funding sources such as current employers, professional associations and public library initiatives. My employer does not offer any help on the education front, that I know of. I will be checking with them when I return to school. I know that you receive a step in pay when you complete your Master's, which will be helpful if you have to get any student loans. I am a personal member of ALA and ILF. I will be looking into scholarships from both associations but I've already missed any deadlines for this upcoming school year. Since I am going into school media, the local library can't help me although I know they do have a program for their current employees. Getting to Your Lis Degree without Breaking the Bank by Sarah E Morris and Patrice Johnson was very similar to the Peters article. Morris and Johnson added making sure you enrolled in a great program first. They also talked about getting an assistantship or fellowship. Since I am already working and can't get to IUPUI on a regular basis, those two things are out for me. They did give links to ALA, SLA, FAFSA and a few other good organizations.
The site from LISnews was interesting. It was kind of strange to see Beverly Cleary. I'd forgotten that authors age just like we do! It was a little long and there weren't any other good videos on the website.
The site from LII was by far my favorite. My daughter and I had fun doing the Kore challenge. There were 10 fitness challenges you had to do. You were to sit a time to beat and then try to beat your previous goal! We also did the move mixer and the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt had us running around the house to find things and then trying to get back to the computer to click before as fast as we could. The move mixer had you picking dance steps and a song and following the robot actually performing your dance. You could even pick from one of ten preformatted dances. What a great way to add fun fitness to your day.

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